sessió 11. dilluns 25 juny 2012_21h


Projecció + live spoken word performance + col·loqui

aka TanKmutation
Born in 1977 Le Havre, Normandie, France. Resides between Barcelona and Paris.
Filmmaker, editor, photographer, VJ and video manipulator Elise Passavant, is a selfproclaimed "multimedia Swiss-army knife”. Having directed over 200 professional commercials for web cast, and with more than 25 video shorts under her belt, Elise straddles the underground music video/alternative art scene as well as mainstream media, in 2011 her short Wonder Woman was awarded the grand prize from Unisep in France for best public service announcement.
Her video shorts have been showcased in international film festivals from Europe to Japan including the prestigious German Museums Stat Regensburg and Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin.
By employing a variety of film and still cameras, the pirating-sampling of images and her textural post-production techniques, she creates a sensual visual poetry uniquely her own.

Born in 1959 Rochester, New York, United States. Resides in Barcelona.
Lydia Lunch refused the confines of a formal education, opting instead to establish herself as a No Wave musician in New York City in 1976.
An independent artist prolific in music, literature, film, video and photography, she has performed as well as taught workshops at numerous Universities, Museums and Art Festivals for three decades and continues to explore new mediums in which to express her passion and creativity. Lydia Lunch was voted by Timeout New York as one of the most influential performers originating from NYC and has worked with dozens of other renegades including Sonic Youth, Nick Cave, Omar-Rodrigues Lopez, Karen Finley, Richard Kern and Hubert Selby Jr.



In April 2010 Elise Passavant documented Virginie's Despentes Fabulous Mutantes Party in Bourges (France) which featured Lydia Lunch and Big Sexy Noise. A train strike the next day brought Elise and Lydia together. Sparks flew. A bond was formed.
The two joined forces and have in the interim created 13 unique projects which marry film, music and spoken word. This evening presents the fruits of this impressive collaboration.


L'abril del 2010 Elise Passavant va documentar The Fabulous Mutantes Party de Virginie Despentes a Bourges (França), on va actuar Lydia Lunch and Big Sexy Noise. Una vaga de trens al dia següent va fer que Elise i Lydia es trobessin. Van saltar espurnes. Es va crear un vincle.
Les dues van ajuntar forces i fins ara han creat 13 projectes únics que combinen imatge, música i spoken word. En aquesta  sessió presenten els fruits d'aquesta impressionant col·laboració.



Mutante Party
2010_3 min
Documentation clip.



Gospel Singer
2010_3 min
Music video. Accidental soundtrack. Unfortunately life is well done.
Music by Big Sexy Noise.

Your Love Don't Pay
2010_3:45 min
Music video. A raunchy rocker which takes to task a selfish lover who has outgrown his usefulness.
Music by Big Sexy Noise.



Trust the Witch
2011_3:25 min
Documentation clip. The making Not Of, also known as 'Lost in La Witch'.
Music by Big Sexy Noise.

Will Work for Drugs
2011_2 min
Book teaser. A short film based on Lydia Lunch’s book Will Work For Drugs. A sexy psychedelic teaser, which highlights the underground icon’s sultry voice and provocative poetry.

Ballin the Jack
2011_4 min
Music video. It's not what you got, it's what you're gonna get.
Music by Big Sexy Noise.


Music from the forth coming album by Cypress Grove and Lydia Lunch.

When You're Better
2011_2 min
Music video. The return of a tragic lover fuels the heart break of longing and remorse in this bruising ballad of tortured romance.

Devil Winds
2011_3:20 min
Music video. The bruising desert blues of Devil Winds sing of the emptiness of lonely nights haunted by a passion that has turned toxic. Filmed in the abandoned ghost towns of Soria, Spain.

2012_2:45 min
Music video. Filmed in civil war ruins of Belchite, Spain, Jericho is an antiwar ballad sung from the perspective of a soldier’s widow. Even though she had begged her lover to reconsider before enlisting, poverty and unemployment forced him like so many other young men into battle.



Sick With Desire Teaser
2012_0:30 min
Teaser for spoken words performance with VJ set.

Find the Body
2012_4:10 min
VJ set upon Lydia Lunch spoken words.

2012_3:30 min
Experimental Video. The desert as refuge to a haunted fugitive who seeks solace amongst the phantoms and restless spirits that perpetuate an endless limbo. Filmed in Soria, Spain.



2009/2012_13 min
VJ Xperiment.

Dust and Shadow Debut
2012_10 min
Music by Dragging the Mule.
VJ Xperiment.
Live spoken word performance.